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Social Media Listening​

Empower Your Brands With Real-Time Social Media Monitoring

Never miss anything important on social media. Get real-time access to all the relevant conversations, industry trends, audience preferences, and their sentiments. Discover what your competitors are doing and develop smart strategies to do better.

Be Relevant. Every Time.
Track Relevant Conversations Anywhere

Eliminate Uncertainty

Stop guessing what your audience is talking about. Know for sure. Track all conversations around your brand, products, and services.

Be Accurate

Track the impact of your social media efforts. Precisely measure the traction created by social media influencers for you.

Get 360-Degree View

Obtain deep insights into the social media activities of your competition. Set milestones, outcompete your rivals, and shine on social platforms.

Feel The Pulse of Your Audience

Use intelligent listening tools to filter social feeds by sentiments. Go beyond the text. Delve deep into the context and engage audiences in meaningful conversations.

Be Relevant. Every Time.

Automate Social Listening and Boost Your Brand’s Social Presence

Social Media Monitoring

Everything You Need To Become A Social Media Wizard!
Cross-platform Tracking

Get live updates on social media chatter across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and others.

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Identify Growth Potential

Discover new target segments, identify potential influencers, and find hot topics to inspire organic conversations.

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Highly Customized

Generate real-time reports that are highly tailored around your brand, products or services. Focus on what’s important and ignore the noise.

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Maximize Performance

Analyze the impact of product launches, events, campaigns, and other activities to amplify their reach, engagement, and conversions

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