Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Ojoola?

Ojoola is an online tool that offers the freedom to make posts on social networks.

With Ojoola you are able to make simultaneous posts on multiple social networks at a time. Just connect to your social network accounts and with just one click publish your post, photo or whatever you want to share.

Which are the Ojoola tool’s advantages?

  • To publish posts, photos or whatever you want to share on multiple social networks simultaneously.
  • Not necessary to login each time when you want to share something.
  • Possibility to make pre-programmed posts on social networks.
  • Statistics about each post made for each social network.
  • Upload images with a click.
  • Ojoola creates a preview in real time to see the appearance of the post for each social netwrok.
  • Every post made can be republished on the same social network or others.
  • Ojoola is responsive and compatible with all browsers.
How many characters is allowed in a post

It depends on social network, the shortening of the post is done automatically.



Is it possible to republish the post published before?

Sure. Go to Posts in the Menu. On the right will appear all published posts. You can search through manually or through search engine. Click the post you want to republish and it will appear in the left field. Also, if the post contained a link or an image, they will be attached.

How to program automatic publishing?

Go to Posts in the menu, compose the post for post and choose the network you want to publish on. Click and select the date and time when you want it published. Then, click Publish Post.

How to add a new RSS Feed?

Go to RSS Feeds in the menu, click on the link New RSS Feed and enter the RSS Feed address in the field Enter the RSS feed URL here. Then click on the button . If the RSS Feed is available, you will see the button . Click on the button to save the RSS Feed. Then you have to enable it.

How to make posts on Google Plus?

To make posts on Google Plus with Ojoola, you need to have a blog on Blogger. After your blog its connected to Ojoola, follow the steps:

  • Go to:
  • After login, click the blog connected to Ojoola.
  • Then click Settings and Posts, Comments & Sharing.
  • Go to Share to Google+ section, click Switch here.
  • Select Google+ and Save.
  • Go to Settings › Posts, Comments & Sharing.
  • Choose Yes for Auto-share new published posts to your Google+ profile.

Now, all posts made with Ojoola will be published on Google Plus, too.

You can publish posts to Google Plus directly but you need to have a G Suite account.



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Can I publish posts on several accounts of the same social network?

Yes, if your subscription allows for multiple social account, you can publish to multiple social media accounts.

Can I deactivate the notifications for email?

Yes. Go to Settings in the menu, diselect the option Receive administrator’s notifications on email.

How to change my password?

Go to Settings in the menu, the go to Advanced, insert the new password and Save Changes.

How to change my email?

Go to Settings in the menu, the go to Advanced, insert the new email and Save Changes.

How to delete my account?

Go to Settings in the menu, then go to Advanced. Click the button Delete Account and confirm.