Audience Management

Create a Seamless, Unified Brand Experience for Your Audiences Across Social Platforms

Right Insights Right Time

Empower your team members with the right information. Give them complete awareness of each customer’s history with the brand to help them engage better

Create Targeted Content

Use individual customer insights to curate content that hyper-targets them with the right messaging. Inspire action and drive sustainable revenue growth

Enhance Effectiveness

Deep dive into audience behavior and engagement on different platforms. Device strategies, experiment, and replicate successful communication

Eliminate Blind Spots

Never find yourself missing, ignoring, or forgetting an engagement opportunity. Manage all audiences of your clients from a unified interface and delight them with superior engagement


Bring Predictability Into Audience Management By Simplifying Your Audience Outreach, Maximize Productivity, and Drive Conversions

The effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategy relies on your ability to create messages that resonate with your audiences and address their individual needs. Our advanced audience management tools offer the structure and tools you need to add a personal touch to your messaging


From pre-configured auto-responses to personalized scheduled responses, automate your messaging to deliver the right message at the right time.

Riding the Trends

Find relevant influencers and analyze their effectiveness. Automate the sharing of content on relevant topics or from influencers to ride the trend wave.

Explore New Markets

Segment the audiences into meaningful groups based on attributes that matter. Identify outliers, discover neglected segments, and target them

Find Brand Advocates

Find patterns within your audience segments, look for similar attributes in people on social platforms, and reach out to them. Automatically.

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