Social Media Management Services for Digital Agencies

The meteoric rise of social media has spawned numerous social channels. A multi-pronged, multi-channel strategy is crucial for social media success. Ojoola offers advanced tools for digital agencies to create superior engagement between their clients and their audiences.

Grow Your Client’s Social Channels With a Platform Preferred by Successful Digital Agencies
Build Better Relationships
Assign each brand to specific teams and individuals. Forge and nurture long-term relationships between your team and the client.
Monitor Everything
Get a 360-degree view of all activity by your teams. View the interactions between your teams and your clients as well as their audiences.
Measure Performance
Track and monitor the performance of each team and their social media efforts. Identify start performers and replicate their success across the agency.
Centralize Everything
Bring all your content in one place. Integrate all your client social accounts. Grant role-based permissions to team members and equip them with all the data they need.
We bring everything to your fingertips – whether you are publishing organic content, or launching ad campaigns.
Create, edit, and schedule social media posts for all your clients from a unified, easy-to-use calendar.
Ojoola wraps your client’s social media & email strategies into one ecosystem and helps you deliver a cohesive brand experience across all channels.
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